Kennesaw Orthodontics

Living with crooked teeth that make you feel hesitant to smile? Our team in Georgia can change that! We offer a range of orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign and traditional braces to help you reshape your bite and transform the appearance of your smile. We’re here for you and your family and invite you to give us a call today or schedule a free consultation to discuss your options!

What are My Options for Correcting My Teeth?

We offer flexible, exciting options for straightening your teeth. First, of course, are traditional braces. These are the tried-and-true methods that can solve virtually any orthodontics problem out there. Using brackets and wires, braces will slowly but surely move your teeth into alignment. The process takes up to three years, but the results are usually spectacular. 


What are the Benefits of Correcting My Teeth?

Correcting your teeth will improve the appearance of your smile and can help you feel more confident and comfortable. However, the benefits are not just aesthetic. Did you know that crooked teeth can actually make it harder to brush and floss effectively, trapping bacteria in your mouth? A misaligned mouth can also affect your bite and cause damage to your teeth over time. So take advantage of our orthodontics options to not just improve your smile, but your overall health!

All Ages Orthodontics

It’s (almost) never too soon or too late to get your teeth looking great! That’s why we offer orthodontic care for your family members of all ages. We see patients from as early as 10 into retirement age, and look forward to helping you or your loved ones build a beautiful new smile.  

All the Care You Need Under One Roof!

We’re not just your family dentist — we can do this big stuff too! Come see us for all your orthodontics needs, like braces or Invisalign, as well as emergency services, dental implant restoration and more! Give us a call today or go online to schedule your appointment.