What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are one of the most popular dental procedures that are done today. It is a safe and effective way to repair or restore teeth that have been damaged or decayed. Some of the benefits of having dental crowns are tooth restorations, tooth replacement, tooth protection, improved bite force, improved cosmetic appearance and more.

If you have lost a number of teeth or if you have broken teeth that need to be fixed, crowns are the best option for you. A crown is a type of dental restoration that is a perfect replacement for a tooth. Made from porcelain, it can be used to cover a tooth that has been traumatized, shattered or decayed. The main function of a crown is to restore the shape and function of the teeth. A dentist will make an impression of the damaged tooth and create a false tooth that will go around it. Crowns are designed to look like natural teeth and the material used in the process will depend on what you want your final cost and appearance to be. After fixing your damaged tooth, your smile will look perfect and flawless again.

Dental crowns can improve your oral health as well as your general health. Crowns protect your teeth from bacteria which can lead to various problems with your health in the long term. A dental crown can also be referred to as a "cap" because it is designed to fit over your tooth just like a cap fits over your head. A dental crown can be used to cover up and strengthen a tooth that has cracked, broken, has had root canal therapy, or needs implant-supported restorations. Crowns can look like natural teeth and blend into your smile much better making them the best choice for those who want their dentures to look as natural as possible and not like they’ve had anything done at all.

Many people are not aware of the importance of dental care, and as a result, they end up paying a lot more for dentistry later on in life. But if you have dental insurance, getting dental crowns would be a lot easier. It is a preventive measure that can help you avoid further problems with your teeth and gums. If you think you may need a dental crown, schedule a free consultation online by navigating to our website.