Root Canal Therapy

Tired of living with pain in your teeth? We can fix that! Our expert team in Georgia can gently perform a root canal to clean up any discomfort caused by damage or tooth decay so that you can start feeling better now. We also offer same-day service for emergencies! Give us a call today or go online to book your visit now.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a simple procedure to treat a damaged or infected tooth that is causing discomfort. Untreated cavities, sudden impact to the tooth, gum disease or other trouble can lead to the tissue inside the tooth becoming infected. When this happens, a root canal can set things straight.

During the procedure, your dentist will gently clean out the interior of the tooth, removing any infected tissue and then packing the tooth full to prevent bacteria from returning. Then the dentist will cover the hole with a filling or a crown, restoring your tooth to its normal appearance and function. You’ll feel more comfortable in no time. 

How Can a Root Canal Help Me Feel Better?

Unfortunately, an infected or damaged tooth can lead to ongoing dental problems. Not only will you have to deal with ongoing discomfort from the tooth itself, but it may break apart and even spread the infection to the surrounding gum tissue. 

However, this can all be avoided with a root canal. The procedure is quick, easy, and will alleviate any pain you may be feeling as a result of the infection. It will also protect your existing tooth structure, as well as prevent further spread or damage to the rest of your mouth. 

Dental Emergency? We Can See You Today!

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, we know you need help right away. That’s why we offer same-day service for emergency patients. Give us a call now and we’ll schedule you for our first available appointment. We’re here for you!